General Ledger System

a set of integrated tools and programs that give you an accurate reading of all your accounts, as it allows you to enter and review all entries, journal account, ledger account, postings to ledger accounts and trial balance, preparing income statements, and preparing reports easily Branches/projects can also be added as cost centers when entering entries It is characterized by an easy display method within the system that enables you to access any account statement easily by simply clicking on any account within the trial balance or accessing from the ledger account to the entry directly In addition to the possibility of linking between the system and other modules


Some Features

Chart of Accounts Flexible Chart of Account support unlimited levels.
Cost Centers Guide Cost Centers allow tracking profits of subsidiary activities like projects or branches.
Currencies Multiple Currencies
Document Types Multiple Document Types
Creating JV Journal Vouchers
JV Posting Posting JVs ( Auto posting or Manual posting)
Daily Journal Jeneral Ledger with cost center filter option.
Journal Ledger Trial Balance with ability to re-evaluate foreign currency to local equivalent.
Income Statement Report The ability to view the report by cost center
Balance Sheet The ability to view the report by cost center
Trail Balance sheet Trial balance according to conversion factor, column center, or a specific level
Fiscal years Ability to work on multiple Fiscal Years.
User authorities Users Rights for any screen like view , add ,edit , delete, print