Point of Sales

A feature that can be added to Ingaz-System Which allows the employee who's responsible for selling to choose items directly by clicking on them on the screen. It helps in ordering items in stores, and facilitates operational processes in food and beverage facilities, starting from the cost of direct ingredients to operating costs of the entire restaurant. Invoices can also be suspended or notes added to them.


An integrated system for the management of the various established companies, consisting of several sub-systems linked together

Products Management
  • Easy to use interface screens for speed
  • Possibility of defining more than one product in each branch
  • Possibility of defining more than one type of the item and more than one group of the item
  • Register item data
  • Possibility of defining more than one incoming type, such as: Addition permit - Transfer receipt - Customer return - Deficit settlement
  • Recording the actual inventory with display of deficit and excess.
  • Possibility to add comission on customer's invoice
  • Daily reports.
  • Distinguish daily and monthly sales.
  • Determine daily and monthly sales
Stores Management
  • Ability to define mutiple stores in each company branch
  • Define multiple item types.
  • اDefine multiple item groups.
  • Define multiple item units.
  • Define master line items data with pricing option.
  • Define multiple types like issue, receipt and transfer.
  • Ability to import open balance from external excel file.
  • Possibility of transferring goods from store to store
  • Recording the actual inventory with display of deficit and excess
  • The possibility of downloading the addition permission from the supplier invoice
Purchasing and Suppliers
  • Possibility to add unlimited suppliers
  • Easy to add the supplier's basic and financial data
  • Dealing with more than one financial year easily
  • Purchasing orders
  • Ability to load purchase invoices from purchase orders
  • Purchase returns
Financial Movement
  • Definition treasury and banking
  • The possibility of defining a list of expenses that are available to every user
  • More than one payment method with the commission rate for credit cards
  • Possibility of linking the receivable voucher to the long-term credit customer invoices
  • Possibility of linking the payment voucher to the supplier's forward invoices
Sales and Customers
  • Defining more than one type of customer and recording unique data of each customer
  • Limiting customer credit and the ability of link every customer with a specific representative
  • Adding unlimited number of sales representatives
  • Creating quotation, sales order, and sales invoice
  • Sales invoices could be load from the quotation or sales order
  • Sales return
  • You can easily stocktaking your inventory by checking the product locations' report on the reports page