Car Service Centers Management System

Ingaz System provides an integrated solution to manage car maintenance and service centers It consists of several interconnected sub-systems that allow the management to follow up on all stages of the vehicle within the service centers (booking a maintenance appointment, receiving a customer, inspecting the vehicle, loading the workshop, disbursing spare parts, final inspection, invoice, receipt / payment voucher, exit permit). The system can be linked to The Manager Mobile Application to view reports and performance indicators directly in any of the centers.


An integrated system for the management of the various established companies, consisting of several sub-systems linked together

  • Initial report
  • Recording assays
  • Managing maintenance work in car workshops
  • Possibility to define services.
  • Determine the condition of the vehicle upon delivery
  • Possibility to define more than one record time catalog.
  • Booking a registration
  • Loading technicians on work orders
  • Define more than one type of invoice
  • Exchange spare parts from the warehouse on work orders.
  • Posibility to detect the efficeincy and productivity for workers
  • Posibility to detect cancelled reservations or job orders , user identification and cancellation timing

  • Definition treasury and banking
  • The possibility of defining a list of expenses that are available to every user
  • More than one payment method with the commission rate for credit cards
  • Possibility of linking the receivable voucher to the long-term credit customer invoices
  • Possibility of linking the payment voucher to the supplier's forward invoices