Human Resources System

This key module eases new employees into your organization and makes a good impression about your company. Many of the new employee onboarding steps can be completed through workflows, such as user accounts, badge access, training and more. Arcoro’s Onboarding module allows new hires to complete their onboarding paperwork before creating a user profile with kiosk software. For new hires without a home computer or smart device, Kiosk Mode offers another fast way to get started.


  • Leaves, permissions, and assignments, and linking them to attendance and departure
  • Searching any employee data (birth date, hiring date, nationality, marital status, visa status,..and more)
  • All employee copies could be loaded to the system
  • Registering the data of the escorts
  • Recruitment and jobs database
  • Recording all employees license
  • Easy to add any new management or department at the company hierarchy
  • Employee compensation calculator
  • Attendances and timesheets could be linked with the printing machine
  • Promotions and performance appraisal are linked to salary raise

  • Employee CV
  • Attendance Timesheet
  • Employee Record
  • Promotions Record
  • Compensation Report