Production and manufacturing order management system

An integrated system for factory management that consists of several sub-systems linked together to help managers manage operational, administrative and financial operations so that the production manager can plan production by defining work stations and determining the estimated fixed and variable costs to calculate the cost of the finished product, and calculate the raw materials included in the production hour cost and material costs Available (inventory) and linking them to calculate the materials that need to be supplied or purchased. The system can also identify indirect costs such as calculating electricity costs, rents, etc., and track production orders and their completion percentages.


  • Possibility of defining more than one stockhouse in each branch of the company
  • Possibility of defining more than one type of the item and more than one group of the item
  • Possibility of defining more than one unit of measurement for the item
  • Register item data
  • Possibility of defining more than one incoming type, such as: Addition permit - Transfer receipt - Customer return - Deficit settlement
  • Possibility of defining more than one type of exchange, such as: disbursement permit - transfer - return of a resource - settlement of excess.
  • The ability to download the opening balance from an external file .
  • Possibility of transferring goods from store to store.
  • Recording the actual inventory with display of deficit and excess.
  • Possibility of downloading the addition permission from the supplier invoice.